How to build a workforce fit for the future

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With rapidly advancing technology driving fundamental change across all industries and sectors, HR professionals need to be ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). However, how do we equip our workforce successfully to adopt new AI technologies and drive innovation across our organisation?


HR plays a pivotal role in shaping the workforce of the future in Asia Pacific, but to do this, we need to effectively prepare.


  1. Manage new talent, new skills and constant change – HR has the competencies and understanding to not only attract and retain the best talent but also establish a work culture that fosters flexible and collaborative ways of working. To manage continuous change and drive swifter and more compelling innovation, employees must combine human ingenuity with intelligent technology in an agile environment. This will ignite the skills required to discover the solutions for tomorrow and thrive in the 4IR.


  1. Embrace an increasingly strategic role – the HR function should push beyond the traditional boundaries of payroll, benefits and leave administration services and become more tactical and innovative. Being best placed to understand the operational and financial risks inherent in having the wrong talent, HR leaders must play a more significant role in operational decision-making and bring their invaluable perspective into the company’s strategic planning.


  1. Drive change in a diverse region – across all industries and sectors in Asia Pacific there are varying skill levels and talent pipelines. Because of this, HR’s influence and knowledge are essential in overcoming the vast differences in standards across diverse markets and leading an organisation’s future strategy. Agile lifelong learning environments are vital to support ongoing upskilling, so by proactively designing and implementing rapid, flexible and tailored upskilling and retraining processes, it’s easier to drive the active change agenda.


To remain competitive in the 4IR, organisations need to look to their HR teams and leaders to steer them to the forefront of successful change.

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Lelia Lim-Loges is Founder & Managing Partner, Lim-Loges & Masters. Lelia has been leading C-suite searches across Asia Pacific since 1997 and is the principal founder for Lim-Loges & Masters. Her particular strengths are in managing transformations in Asian multinational companies through its people and at Lim-Loges & Masters, will focus on bringing in services to help companies through Transition Management, Executive Search and Interim Management.

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