Our Advantages

At Lim-Loges & Masters, we are a group of experts who come together to help drive transformation from the needs of today to the reality of a fast-changing tomorrow through being nimble and creative. We aim to identify, train and position key leaders and specialists to shape your company and spur transformational change across your organisation.

Asian Experts, Local Knowledge: Lim-Loges & Masters specialise in Asia Pacific. Through our familiarity with the region and diverse network, we have the region’s specialists and experts available to help your needs both culturally and linguistically.

Total Solutions for Sustainable Transformation: We are the first and only firm in Asia Pacific with a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to support your company in navigating your transformational journey. Our services in Disruption Management, Executive Search and Transition Management support you from addressing crises and spurring organic and aggressive change, to positioning for growth and embedding the right HR infrastructure. We understand change intimately.

Professionalism, Integrity, Quality: We emphasise high confidentiality and client satisfaction in every engagement. In a constantly evolving Asia, we employ rigorous processes that uphold quality and integrity throughout our services.Our Disruption Management services tackle corporate crises professionally and with transparency, thus ensuring zero legal compromise. Every Executive Search involves a 360 degree reference and legal checks. We are strongly committed to on-boarding a placement successfully. In Transition Management, our internationally qualified team design solutions that are practical and scalable, which are then embedded and measured via regular audits and feedback.

Asian Currency: We bill in Asian dollars against local compensation to provide flexibility in Asia and minimise exchange risks to your company.

Long-term Partnerships: Effective change takes time. We are long-term partners in our clients’ business transformation. All our professionals have committed lives and careers in Asia pacific. We are here to stay.