What does successfully scaling up mean?

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What does successfully scaling up mean? See below for a great example.
I will quote typical figures like:
  • 3x industry average profitability
  • 2x operating cashflow and a typical
  • 10x improvement on the company valuation
…and having a lot more fun!
And they’re pretty accurate!
Many’s the time that we’re helping companies to properly define their values, align employees’ roles with their strengths, streamline execution and commit to consistent staff development. How effective are they?
Here’s one of my favourite examples (from Business Insider) of just what a difference they make!
The convenience food chain Chick-fil-A ranks a clear #1 in average revenue per store – $3.1million. And none of their branches are open on Sundays!
They also earn more annual revenue many other chains that have more than double the number of locations (in the US). Chains such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Arby’s.
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