How to Ace an Online Interview

The interview process is full of surprises and unpredictable events. Still, you can present yourself professionally if you follow some basic rules. Also, with the capabilities of technology today, and COVID 19 in full force, most companies are conducting job interviews online via an online chat video/audio platform. Here are

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7 TOP tips for a successful cv in Asia

COVID-19 is bringing the world to its knees, with production lines and supply chains disrupted, stock markets crashing and businesses buckling. This has caused the unemployment rate in APAC to widen by 0.52 ppt to 3.55% and is set to increase further. In these unsettled times, it’s time to re-stock

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Disruption From Nowhere: Is Your Business Prepared?

How do businesses survive in this new era of disruption? COVID 19 is a global pandemic far-reaching the shores of Asia today and our ordinary lives have been disrupted beyond our recognition. No one was fully prepared for what we are experiencing, but companies must respond, to the best of

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Meet our Partners : Sushil Jhangiani

Sushil Jhangiani Sushil Jhangiani has been part of the LLM team since 2017 and is our Executive Coach in India. With over 25 years of business experience across countries and culture, he is a skilled Executive Coach, Leadership Development Facilitator, Teacher and Mentor to senior leaders and entrepreneurs across diverse sectors.

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Meet Our Partners : Christine Tan

Christine Tan Christine Tan is a Senior Counsellor at Lim-Loges and Masters. Certified since 2013, she provides a strategic approach to coaching and counselling with areas of expertise in addiction counselling and relationship counselling. She began her career as a change management consultant with Accenture, before holding marketing positions at International

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Meet Our Partners : Ian Homer

Ian Homer Senior Partner, Ian Homer, has lived and worked in Southeast Asia for 19 years. The last nine of those have been spent coaching and mentoring leading executives and business owners. His specialist area is helping entrepreneurs and executives improve their strategy and revenues, retain their key team members, improve

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