Ben Simpson

Ben is a Founder / Director of Magus Bespoke Solutions Limited (MBSL).

He specialises in helping organisations to achieve ever-higher levels of performance through evidenced-based decision making and adopting the practices and principles of Continual Improvement in everything that they do.

Ben is responsible for client service and support in the UK. A self-confessed systems thinker, his consulting interests include helping organisations to:

  • Create the habit of learning and engender a culture of continual improvement
  • Develop evidence-based decision making through appropriate analyses of data in combination with dialogue and constructive conflict
  • Orientate their measurement of organisational performance around a purpose of learning and improvement as opposed to judgement and evaluation.

Ben Simpson trained originally as an engineer, and through his corporate life he specialised in project management. A secondment to a consultancy delivering an organisational effectiveness intervention proved to mark a turning point; solving problems and overcoming challenges within an organisational context has been at the centre of his professional world ever since.

He is a qualified coach (EMCC senior practitioner) and has an MBA from Bath School of Management. His dissertation was focused on the translation of lean and other continual improvement methodologies from manufacturing into service environments and was awarded a distinction. In addition to his professional and consulting experience, Ben has also served as a non-executive, being a trustee of Julian House, a regional charity in the UK supporting homeless and socially disadvantaged people.

Ben is based in Bath, UK. He is also a founder of TCC, The Crest Community, which specialises in working with local agencies and Police to develop and implement new systems for service delivery, with the purpose of reducing crime.

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