Denis Bourne

Denis Bourne is a founder and Director of Magus Bespoke Solutions Limited (MBSL) specialising in helping organisations become more resilient in a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world, by building capabilities in resolving intractable problems.

All MBSL work is focused on intractable problems.  These are the complex, messy problems that have no simple, single, linear cause and hence have no simple, single, linear solutions.  The approach used is to develop highly insightful information describing the problem, and providing a safe environment for the people involved, and to work out their multiple actions to improve the problem thereby achieving organisational excellence.

Denis Bourne was originally educated in a variety of engineering disciplines including computer science.  Having discovered that people are much more interesting than things, he switched to industrial psychology and management.  His early career encompassed national and international roles in line management, culminating in being a director of a PLC, which serviced worldwide markets.

His consulting career includes working with national and multi-national organisations in the UK, the USA, South Africa and Italy.  While most of his work has been with commercial and industrial businesses, he has also extensive experience with police forces in the UK, over more than twenty years.

Denis was a founder member of the local branch of Cancer Support France (CSF).  He developed the training programme used for the Active Listeners who provide emotional and logistic support to anglophones who either have cancer or are family members or friends of others who do.  The training programme was subsequently adopted by all other CSF branches.

He lives in South West France, and is also a founder of TCC, The Crest Community, which specialises in working with local agencies and Police to develop and implement new systems for service delivery, with the purpose of reducing crime.

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