Lim Yau Boon

Senior Partner, Disruption Management, Asia Pacific

Yau Boon has more than 25 years experience in strategy, planning, marketing, operation and business management, across multiple industries in the Asia Pacific, and led marketing & strategy in IBM, SAP and Motorola from 2000-2015, He also co-founded several startups from 1993-2018, and serves as an adjunct lecturer in Singapore Institute of Management. He specializes in design thinking, business strategy and transformation, and disruption management. Prior to his latest entrepreneurial ventures, he was the Vice President, Marketing & Strategy, for SAP Asia Pacific.

Yau Boon graduated from School of Architecture, National University of Singapore with Bachelor of Arts and holds an MBA (International Business) from Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University. He is also the first IBM Certified Professional in marketing, by Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, and was trained in Design Thinking at Hasso Plattner Institute School of Design Thinking, University of Potsdam, Germany.

Yau Boon’s understanding of business technology, coupled with his vast experience in business strategy and expertise in driving transformation and innovation via design thinking, has placed him in a unique position to help enterprises rethink, reinvent and reposition for the future.

Article By Lim Yau Boon

What is the new future-ready paradigm for leaders?

The exponential growth of the coronavirus, as well as a shrinking and shifting economy, is creating new norms and a new paradigm for leaders. But what is the paradigm that will help leaders be future-ready? Although it varies by industry, there are several commonalities in the new norms affecting all organisations. Working from home; digital

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M&A: The COVID-19 Effect

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to escalate, the pandemic has tightened its grip on financial and business markets worldwide. What started as a health and humanitarian challenge now impacts not just every country across the globe but also every business sector. Lockdowns globally have resulted in MNCs and SMEs alike facing severe supply

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How Do Companies Survive COVID?

We are facing an unknown future, and one that many companies may not live to see. With clear trends showing that businesses will struggle for at least the next 18 months, COVID-19 has lit the fuse to what was considered ‘normal”. Due to the severity of economic damage from coronavirus, previously successful companies are being

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