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Lelia Lim

Upcoming Webinar and Events: Disruption from Nowhere: Is Your Business Prepared?

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  • James Kane, Managing Director, Mondelez International (Malaysia & Singapore)
  • Daisy Jiang, Director of Operations, UIB
  • Lim Yau Boon, Senior Partner, Disruption Management, Lim-Loges & Masters

As a leader, are you and your organisation ready for disruption? Do you know where your next disruption is coming from?

With the exponential growth of data and acceleration of technological advancements, leaders who fail to keep pace with the speed of innovation will put companies out of business in six years or less. Disrupters are playing a very different game and even big industry players need to be prepared for disruption that seemingly comes from nowhere. How do companies manage disruption when it plays by its own rules?

This 60-minute live webinar will explore how disruptors have succeeded by capitalising on industry leader’s lack of innovation, creating devastating failures across all industries. The panel of speakers will share their insight and discuss the disruptors of today, disruptive technologies of tomorrow and the readiness of firms and human capital facing disruption in this post-digital age. Join the webinar to listen, learn and ask questions as our speakers navigate through the issues faced by businesses disrupted from nowhere.


Details on how to join this webinar will be sent via email 2 hours before the webinar start time.


  • Member: Free of charge
  • Non-Member: HK$140
4/1/2020 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
China Standard Time

About the speakers

James Kane started his career with Mondelez International in 1999, and quickly proved himself to be a leader who could stretch a breadth of roles and responsibilities to transform teams and organizations. Originally from Australia, James holds a bachelor’s degree in Business from Monash University and has been living in Malaysia with his family for the past 20 months. Prior to his current role, James has held a number of leadership roles in Australia and New Zealand. Most recently, he was the Country Head for Mondelez International New Zealand. James is an energetic and collaborative leader who has an impressive track record of developing the next generation of talent. In his present role, James leads a passionate cross-functional team of professionals across sales, finance, marketing, HR, customer service, government relations and supply chain, who are all focused on leading the future of snacking by offering the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way.

Daisy Jiang is the Director of Operations and a Board Member for UIB Holdings Pte. Ltd. (UIB). She’s based in Singapore. With a background in engineering, Daisy is keenly interested in the intersection of technology with society. Daisy advised social enterprise startups and non-profits, most notably being the Head of Technology and Entrepreneurship Programmes at The Women’s Foundation, Twopresents and Joshua Hellmann Foundation in her 10 years in Hong Kong. The majority of Daisy’s career was in engineering and product management in both big companies like Hewlett Packard, Yahoo, and Hughes Missile Systems as well as numerous startups. She has helped build enterprise, consumer, and mobile startups that were acquired by YouGov, Akamai, IBM, and SoftwareAG. Her product areas span IoT, AI, data analytics, predictive advertising, mobile marketing research, as well as enterprise application integration (EAI) and online collaboration. Daisy has a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona.

Lim Yau Boon has more than 25 years experience in strategy, planning, marketing, operation and business management, across multiple industries in the Asia Pacific, and led marketing & strategy in IBM, SAP and Motorola from 2000-2015, He also co-founded several startups from 1993-2018, and serves as an adjunct lecturer in Singapore Institute of Management. He specializes in design thinking, business strategy and transformation, and disruption management. Prior to his latest entrepreneurial ventures, he was the Vice President, Marketing & Strategy, for SAP Asia Pacific. Yau Boon graduated from School of Architecture, National University of Singapore with Bachelor of Arts and holds an MBA (International Business) from Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University. He is also the first IBM Certified Professional in marketing, by Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, and was trained in Design Thinking at Hasso Plattner Institute School of Design Thinking, University of Potsdam, Germany.

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