Do You Understand Us?
Christine Tan

Christine Tan

Upcoming Webinar and Events:FutureReady Series: Do You Understand Us? Millennials and Mental Health


Join us and gain real-time insights into the key triggers impacting wellness amongst corporate professionals during Covid-19. Sharing her experiences of working with Millennials, Christine’s in-depth knowledge is beneficial for both HR Practitioners and the wider corporate community. Learn how to create an element of wellness as part of your employee engagement strategy for the future.

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Thursday,29th May 2020
4pm – 5pm
Register at the link or contact us
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4pm 28th May 2020


Christine Tan is the Founder of Kintsugi Companions and a certified Counsellor. She began her career as a Change Management Consultant at Accenture. Christine graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor in Business Administration in Marketing. Following that, she completed her Master of Arts in International Relations at Baylor University. She completed her post-graduate Diploma in Counselling with the University of Wales and Master of Arts in Counselling with TCA (Theological Centre for Asia) College, Singapore.

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