Christine Tan

Senior Counsellor

Christine is a certified Counsellor since 2013. Her area of expertise is in addiction counselling and relationship counselling.

Previous to establishing he own company, Christine served at Prison Fellowship Singapore (PFS) as its Executive Director from 2013 – 2016. PFS is an organization focused on supporting prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families in their re-integration journey back into society. Christine was instrumental in the re-building of PFS in Singapore.  Today, it serves more than 1,000 prisoners and about 100 families and children of prisoners through more than 500 volunteers.

Christine began her career with Accenture (formerly, Andersen Consulting) as a change management consultant in 1990 and joined its marketing team in 1993. Thereafter she pursued a marketing career, which ultimately led her to join the Infocomm Development Authority International from 2008 to 2012.

Christine graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor in Business Administration in Marketing. Following that, she completed her Master of Arts in International Relations at Baylor University in Texas, USA. She completed her post-graduate Diploma in Counselling with the University of Wales and Master of Arts in Counselling with TCA (Theological Centre for Asia) College, Singapore.   Christine is fluent in English and Malay


Fenny Ang, PHD

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The Power of Purpose-Driven Values in Business

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing workplace, cultivating a sense of purpose is vital for business success. That’s why leaders need to introduce purpose-driven values as a cornerstone of their strategy.
Purpose-driven values help businesses align their actions with their values and create a sustainable impact on society as a whole. By prioritising concepts like corporate social responsibility, sustainability, transparency, accountability, and diversity and inclusion, businesses can positively impact their bottom line and the community they serve.

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