Executive Search, Disruption Management & Transition Management

Lim-Loges & Masters (LLM) is the first and only HR specialist company in Asia Pacific to offer a total solution to drive sustainable transformation through three distinct and yet connected offerings – refreshing and expanding your senior personnel (Executive Search), digital disruption strategies (Disruption Management), and people & change management initiatives (Transition Management). Our solutions are designed to positively impact stakeholders in the long run.

  • Do you need help hiring senior personnel for emerging markets across Asia Pacific?
  • Would you like to know more about and participate in our innovation workshops?
  • Do you want to be part of one of our sales training programmes or enjoy some leadership coaching sessions?

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Discover how multinational corporation, IDEXX, is adapting to the new working norm in Europe and Asia, and managing diversity, well-being, communication and technology issues.

Our three services support you from addressing crises and spurring aggressive change, to positioning for growth and embedding the right HR infrastructure. We understand change intimately.

Key Features

Asia's First

We are the first and only firm in Asia Pacific with a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to support your company in navigating your journey in transitional change management.

APAC Specialists

We specialise in Asia Pacific. Through our familiarity with the region and diverse network, we have the region’s specialists and experts in disruptive strategies available to help your needs both culturally and linguistically.


We bill in Asian dollars against local compensation to provide flexibility for APAC companies and minimise exchange risks while you use our Transition Management services.

Who Are We?

An award-winning boutique recruitment specialist founded in 2016. We champion businesses and individuals to help build sustainability and livelihoods. By partnering exclusively with multinational companies across Asia, we seek to transform organisations through their people.

Our conversations with clients are far deeper and broader than just search proposition; they include topics such as retention, succession planning and innovation.

We are continually expanding our coaching team to secure diverse expertise that meets each company’s distinct requirements

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