Transition Management


As market leaders in HR advisory services in Asia, at Lim-Loges & Masters, we understand the issues companies face during the critical transition management process. We develop and apply tailored, innovative and comprehensive transition management strategies that enable organisations to enhance their competitive edge in this ever-evolving and disrupted landscape.

Specialising in mergers & acquisitions, management assessment, competency design, employer branding, workplace culture, leadership development and leadership coaching, our experts ensure a quality conversation to drive strategic transformational change and tackle tomorrow’s organisational challenges.

Mergers and Acquisitions

M&As are one of the most challenging endeavours a company can undertake. We provide holistic HR guidance to companies in the Asia Pacific region throughout their integration process. With our local input and global insights, we define and execute valid and flexible HR integration strategies that align with an organisation’s strategic goals and address the fast-paced mergers & acquisitions diligence process.

Capability Assessment

Management Assessment is a strategic way to assess current talent solutions and offer tactical advice on how to refresh and harness human capital to facilitate success now and in the future. We help you recognise the critical competencies you need for the future; we qualitatively and quantitatively assess your people talent internally against them.

Leadership and Sales Programmes

Leadership Development is a way of retaining your competitive edge long-term in this ever-evolving and disrupted landscape by ensuring you have reactive and agile leaders. Our bespoke leadership development training and coaching programmes draw on our deep operational, financial and industry-specific experience. We help accelerate performance and facilitate management’s success in navigating transitions and driving transformational change across your organisation.

Leadership Coaching AND counselling

Leadership coaching and counselling enables you to inspire your leaders to champion transformative change and tackle tomorrow’s organisational challenges. We design and customise executive coaching and development programmes to embed new skills and learnings that accelerate leadership performance, facilitate the management team’s success in navigating transition and enhance succession planning while optimising performance within your organisation.

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Our Coaches

We are continually expanding our coaching team to secure diverse expertise that meet each company’s distinct requirements

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