Lelia Lim

Lelia Lim

Managing Disruption in Asia through Interim Solutions

…interim teams can be put in place to provide skills that don’t exist in the organisation and boost resource levels at the new entity, thus helping to create a solid, workable infrastructure from Day One,” says Augustin Thieffry, previously Head of Asia, Limagrain Asia

Could interim management be the new secret weapon global companies use to target business opportunities and manage disruption? Yes, increasingly so. No longer confined to helping organisations navigate volatile business environments, interim managers in Asia are quickly becoming key agents of change who raise companies to new heights of achievement.
At Lim-Loges & Masters, we recognise that long-term success hinges on having reactive and adaptable leaders who not only overcome present challenges but anticipate future opportunities before they take shape. We draw on our deep operational, financial and industry-specific experience to support global companies across Asia as they tackle challenges, minimise risks and manage their talent.

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