Covid: What Does The New Consumer Look Like?

In a recent webinar held with AmCham Singapore, Lelia Lim-Loges chatted with leading executives at three global organisations to discuss the new consumer. These included David Tung, Corporate VP of Beauty Care in Asia Pacific, Henkel; Amy Zheng, General Manager, Cochlear; and Olivier Dubos, Senior Vice President for Global Travel

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Why We Still Need The Human Touch in Executive Recruitment

The recruitment of senior leadership talent is critical for organisational success. With the Fourth Industrial Revolution causing massive technological shifts, AI has become a game-changer in boosting executive recruitment efforts to build and nurture talent. However, with HR known to be very human and personal, it’s essential that the adoption

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Leadership Recruitment – Who Should Companies Be Hiring?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt companies, industries and countries globally, leadership recruitment is more critical than ever. The challenges and impact of today’s uncertain times are forcing organisations to recognise that to survive, they need the right executive team in place, with the right skillsets – which may

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Transformation is not about technology – it’s about people!

Many companies believe that employing the latest technologies is the answer to remaining competitive in today’s digital world. However, simply having the latest and greatest technology as a means of business prosperity is flawed thinking. With the mistaken belief that technology is at the heart of digital transformation, organisations can

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Why businesses need to innovate and how?

“Innovation is creating something novel and useful to achieve a particular objective.” “Innovation has been around since the beginning of time. It will continue to be part of how we evolve. It is necessary for sustainable growth.” “Innovation is shaping the world and everything around us.” “It’s about a different

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Create a thriving innovative organisational culture with these 6Ps!

Businesses need to continually exploit new ideas and innovation to improve processes, bring new products and services to market, increase efficiency and ultimately boost competitiveness and profitability. Therefore, in our disrupted and highly competitive world, building an organisational culture that stimulates creativity is a critical component of success and sustainability.

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The Key to Achieving your Goals

The start of the year is always one of my favourite times with the unknown promise of what might be and the achievements I will attain! It’s a great stimulus to reflect on past lessons learned, set clear new goals and improve our overall performance. However, there are numerous times

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