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Coaching is not a cost – it’s an investment!

In the current economic climate, many companies and entrepreneurs are struggling to manage their businesses and careers. And although they may have (limited) funds to invest, these uncertain times are putting constraints on budgets and resources. This impacts their willingness to invest in what they deem as ‘unnecessary’, such as executive coaching.

But is coaching really a needless cost? With the growing importance of employee skills in the face of globalisation and technological changes today, the answer is a resounding no!

What companies and people need to understand before they embark on training or coaching of any kind, are the exact benefits they will gain from such an ‘investment’. They need to know what the skills are they will learn and how those skills will enable them to maintain their job or position, or help them find a new role. In this ever-changing world, people must have the capabilities required to be future-ready and establish a sustainable career – and a sustainable organisation.

Coaching is a way to fast-track an employee’s learning process, to promote productivity and hopefully avoid costly mistakes that can occur if executives are left to learn on their own, on the job. Executive coaches help clients to achieve professional and personal ambitions by enhancing their performance. They look to challenge leaders, so they gain valuable insights and perspectives that allow them to develop their strengths, identify and mitigate weaknesses, and support their personal growth while helping to manifest their organisation’s vision.

For an organisation, nurturing employees and providing training opportunities to grow their skill sets and a sense of identity, builds loyalty and enhances the brand overall. This is also a smart strategy to attract talented employees. 

As an intercultural coach, I know how my training helps clients and supports the success of the overall business. For example, those seeking a new job or role come to me to understand the corporate and personal culture of a company and its people. This makes it easier for them to blend in more effectively and secure the role over another candidate who only has a single point of focus.

If already in a job, my coaching assists clients to adopt intercultural skills which enable them to switch easily between cultures, adding to their repertoire of capabilities. They become adept at keeping the objective in mind but remain agile enough in how they reach that objective, finding it easier to navigate their ever-changing environment successfully.

To summarise, coaching is not a cost – it’s an investment! And in the current COVID times we live in, intercultural coaching and, in fact, any type of executive coaching that promotes and nurtures the needed skills for the future, is an excellent investment in securing and boosting your career and company enabling both to become future-ready!

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Tania Léger, Senior Partner, is an Executive Coach and Senior Trainer in Intercultural Management. She has coached / trained employees from more than 100 global companies. A Swiss national, Tania has worked in Europe, Latin America and Asia for LVMH and Cartus. She is certified with ICF (ACC) and New Ventures West (PCC), has a degree from the University of St Gallen and the CEMS Master’s Degree. Today she resides in Singapore. Tania can coach in English, French, Spanish and German.

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