A2 - #ImpactWithPurpose

by B Purpose Bureau (BPB)

    • Establish a clear vision and desired outcomes for your social impact strategy
    • Identify the most effective methods to realise these outcomes
    • Develop a forward-thinking plan that incorporates relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

What is the #ImpactWithPurpose strategy programme?

LLM, in partnership with B Purpose Bureau, offers a comprehensive one-day #ImpactWithPurpose workshop, followed by follow-up consulting and coaching, designed to clarify and optimise your organisation’s social impact strategy. This programme is a proactive step for businesses looking to blend their strategic goals with a larger social purpose. It serves as a unifying force to inspire and motivate employees to work towards a shared vision and collective power.

What are the objectives?

Our collaborative #ImpactWithPurpose programme aims to establish a long-term approach to corporate philanthropy by intertwining business strategy with social objectives. We aim to define your organisation’s desired outcomes and build effective partnerships with the social impact sector to help address a particular societal or environmental need. By doing so, we aim to contribute to relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while identifying strengths and potential growth areas.

Our proven methodology for sustainable success

The session calls together key decision-makers to comprehensively explore your organisation’s approach to social impact. It offers a concise framework for creating strong, rewarding, and sustainable partnerships with the social impact sector. It incorporates an examination of applicable SDGs, the envisioned future, and the path to achieving this vision.

  • Measurability:

    LLM will work with organisations to agree clear KPIs tailored to your needs and the course objectives.

  • Format:

    Our #ImpactWithPurpose programme includes a workshop and follow up consulting and coaching sessions for a minimum of 3 months to embed new learning and help provide support for active learning. You can choose between in-person or online Zoom sessions, ensuring flexibility, accessibility, and effectiveness.

  • Size:

    Our workshops accommodate up to 20 participants to ensure quality interaction. For larger groups, we recommend extra sessions.

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Success Stories

Musawah, a global movement for gender equality and justice in the Muslim family, requested Pia Wong initiate an independent mid-term evaluation of their programs and governance processes, driven by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) requirements.


  • Pia reviewed the utilisation of the Sida grant and Musawah’s core activities across MENA, SSA, and SA/SEA regions from 2020-2022.
  • The evaluation was based on the internationally recognised OECD DAC Network on Development Evaluation framework.
  • Pia extracted invaluable insights from diverse stakeholders due to their sharp understanding of the sensitive nature of gender equality and family law.


  • Pia provided key strategic recommendations for Musawah.
  • Findings highlighted Musawah’s areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.
  • Insights gained helped guide Musawah’s future strategies to enhance efficiency and impact.

About B Purpose Bureau (BPB)

B Purpose Bureau is an impact consultancy firm specialising in using the B Corp standards to help businesses improve their sustainability and ESG performance by becoming more purpose-driven, impact-aware and stakeholder-focussed. They use the B Impact Assessment to help clients understand their impact on their stakeholders, what that means, how they can improve, and the concrete steps needed to make that happen.


BPB has a strong focus on delivering tangible results for their clients and enabling them to “go from intent to action”. Establishing a strategy that helps align business objectives with purpose inspires positive change, and setting a clear, actionable roadmap realises it. This is B Purpose Bureau’s mission – to help clients prosper sustainably, together with its stakeholders. This is simply good business, a win for everyone. Besides impact assessments, BPB provides materiality assessments, workshops, training, stakeholder engagements, corporate-NGO partnership expertise, and communication campaigns. B Purpose Bureau is based in Hong Kong but operates globally.

About the consultant

Lelia Lim-Loges, Founder & Managing Partner, Lim–Loges & Masters

Lelia Lim, the founder and Managing Partner of Lim-Loges & Masters, is an accomplished executive search professional specialising in C-suite searches across the Asia Pacific region. Her expertise lies in Transition Management, Executive Search, and Disruption Management, honed through her years of leadership roles in global organisations like Korn/Ferry International and Kincannon & Reed. Before her illustrious career in executive search, Lelia held multiple commercial roles in British Petroleum, culminating in her position as the Head of Human Resources & Corporate Services at Kumpulan Emas Berhad. Lelia, an MBA in Finance and a Law undergraduate from LSE, London, also holds certifications in Leadership from Lominger International and is a certified practitioner for Employment Intermediaries with EFMA. Being multilingual, she is fluent in English and Malay, and conversant in Mandarin and German.

Pia Wong, Chief Impact Officer, B Purpose Bureau

Pia Wong is a social impact leader with 20+ years of experience in stakeholder engagement and expertise in measuring, improving, and communicating organisational impact. With a background in communications, non-profit management, and impact measurement, Pia has served as the Executive Director of an award-winning literacy NGO and co-founded Voice for Social Good to foster impactful partnerships between non-profits and funders. Pia’s professional journey includes leadership roles in corporate PR and marketing. She has been recognised for her influence in addressing global issues and has received education and certifications from prestigious institutions like Harvard Business School and Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership. Pia’s commitment to social impact is demonstrated through her diverse skill set and dedication to driving positive change.

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