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We are leading executive search consultants in Asia with over a decade in C-suite and senior management recruitment.

At Lim-Loges & Masters, we understand that the best talents can only be sourced by practitioners with intimate industry knowledge and requirements of the position – professionals who hold quality conversations to ensure the ideal fit for both company and culture.

Armed with an in-depth understanding of the region’s markets and industries, and the challenges clients’ encounter in their quest for strategic talent, we deliver top candidates for a distinct edge in today’s business world.

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We place a high priority on the confidentiality and satisfaction of our clients with every search. We use rigorous reference checks, academic verifications and onboarding coaching for guaranteed placements in your first 12 months!


Onboarding Coaching

Our holistic approach incorporates onboarding coaching for the first six months to one year, thus ensuring each individual receives the support they need to achieve their own success and organisational objectives.


Asian Experts, Local Knowledge

We specialise in Asia Pacific. Through our familiarity with the region and diverse network, we gain access to world-class talent and give companies the local advantage. Our consultants speak the local language to ensure reach and understanding.


Exclusive Focus

Our exclusive focus on C-Suite and senior executive positions ensures clients receive our undivided attention in their drive for business transformation. We help leaders recruit the right talent to form the right teams and execute a strategy with precision, from beginning to end!


Asian Currency

We bill in your preferred hard currency in Asia to minimise your exchange rate exposure.


Strong Market Reach, Quality Talents

With our diverse regional network across the Asia Pacific region and access to global talent, we handpick high-calibre individuals capable of championing business transformation and igniting change in your organisation.


Emphasising the utmost confidentiality and integrity in every search engagement, we pride ourselves on a robust success rate achieved through our proven methodologies.

Placement Rate
Armed with a strong understanding of Asia, a robust network and an exclusive focus on senior management positions, we consistently attain a 98% placement rate, with 2% being cancelled searches or internal placements
Placement Rate Beyond
100% of placements remaining in their position beyond 1 year: these are strong testaments to the quality of our onboarding coaching and success to date.​
Repeat Client
We enjoy a repeat client rate of 95% on the back of our track record and emphasis on professionalism, integrity and confidentiality.​

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