Transition Management

Mergers, acquisitions and organisational restructuring require well-honed expertise to secure a smooth transition for your company and employees. Specialising in competency design, employer branding, workplace culture and leadership coaching, our experts ensure a quality conversation to drive transformational change.

Competency Design

Lim-Loges & Masters partners with The Development Centre to leverage a wide portfolio of competency-based assessment tools that are customised to meet the unique needs of the Asia Pacific market. Our bespoke methodology blends standardised practices with a customised approach to deliver a competency-based human resource infrastructure that creates a sustainable platform for growth and innovation for your business. At the same time, our deep expertise and psychological insights provide objective assessments that target your transition management needs. Armed with full language competency across Asia Pacific with 85 assessors, Lim-Loges & Masters and The Development Centre are well-positioned to partner you on your transformative journey.

Employer Branding & Workplace Culture

Lim-Loges & Masters works with The Development Centre and The Horan Group to build your corporate assets, and grow your employer value through branding and a superior corporate culture. In driving your brand in the marketplace, we promote your company as the employer of choice to prospective and existing employees, thereby attracting and retaining the talent you desire. At the same time, we recognise that diversity and inclusion are critical in unlocking value and maximising your organisation’s talent pool. We employ proven diversity programmes and impactful inclusion strategies designed to embrace diverse cultures and ages, promote open communication and capitalise on each employee’s unique strengths.

The Horan Group:

Dr Jane Horan is the founder of The Horan Group, a firm dedicated to helping organisations build inclusive workplaces and working with individuals on career transitions. With deep expertise in cross-cultural leadership and career transitions, Jane brings more than two decades of work experience with companies ranging from Kraft and Microsoft to Disney and GE.

Leadership Coaching

We understand the issues companies face during critical transitions and their desired results. We aim to inspire your leaders to champion transformative change and tackle tomorrow’s organisational challenges. Targeting existing leaders, our executive coaching programmes are designed to accelerate performance and facilitate the management team’s success in navigating transitions. Our customised approach is anchored on leadership development and succession grooming while optimising performance within your organisation.

Our Coaches

We are continually expanding our coaching team to secure diverse expertise that meet each company’s distinct requir