Disruption Management

We provide impactful digital disruption management solutions to help companies undergo transformational change and resolve disruptive or diverse business challenges.

We help businesses to embrace a digital future that drives innovation, empowerment and productivity and provides the competitive edge required in today’s dynamic digital economy.

Our Methodology 

We combine our expertise in transformational change with those of our digital consultancy and Associate Partner, Hehsed. With extensive skills in digital human capital, breakthrough business models and innovation, it provides effective digital tools and advisory leadership solutions to clients. Together we are primed to reinvigorate and successfully drive organisational change strategies through effective digital transformation, digital marketing, customer experience and innovation:

Our experts

We have extensive experience in providing effective digital solutions to organisations across Asia, APAC, Europe and ANZ. Our experts have created high-impact changes through advanced and sustainable digital growth tactics, designed to intensify your competitive edge in today’s corporate world.

Our Services

  • Creating design-driven organisations
  • Building a robust business through cutting-edge innovation
  • Gaining creative insights about experiences, products and services

  • Creating effective customer touchpoints
  • Leveraging digital assets to enhance customer experience and produce sustainable revenue growth
  • Discovering what customers care about most and designing digitally enhanced experiences to meet their needs


  • Reducing irrelevant spending
  • Obtaining extensive digital customer data and marketing analytics
  • Developing compelling customer propositions
  • Understanding ever-changing customer sentiments and beliefs

  • Empowering employees across all levels and departments to embrace a digital future to drive change successfully

  • Leveraging key digital assets to create differentiation in today’s digital economy
  • Aligning ongoing digital and corporate strategies
  • Ensuring digital tools and tactics are embraced organisation-wide
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Improving decision-making
  • Increasing profitability

“Dr Francis Goh is one of the prominent and leading evangelists in advocating digital transformation.  But Dr Goh is also very different from the rest, he is not satisfied with just giving speeches and lectures.  When given time amidst his busy schedule, he would help organisations he comes into contact with to deep dive into specific problems, understand unique situations, and help to uncover opportunities.  Dr Goh goes beyond theory or convention, his approach is actionable, structured, result oriented, and demanding.  More importantly, he garners respect and trust which makes him effortlessly persuasive to the leadership team to adopt the commitment to embark on the digital transformation journey and succeed with the CEO or the Chairman.”


Mr. Chan Woei Shyong, the Senior General Manager of Wipro Unza Singapore and LD Waxson International Business