Distruption Management


We live in a fast-moving world where disruption has become a way of life. At Lim-Loges & Masters, we understand the impact of ongoing disruption on businesses across Asia. Our team of disruptive innovators and facilitators across the region help clients adopt innovative disruption management solutions to emerge stronger, dramatically improve productivity and boost long-term profitability.

Our disruption development courses, online and in-person innovation masterclasses and seminars are all designed to trigger disruptive thinking and kick-start the process of initiating and developing disruptive innovation that will increase the overall profitability of your organisation


Our forward-thinking, innovative HR approach enables organisations to remain at the forefront of change. We recognise that disruption can come from anywhere – geographical, political, technological, digital, medical and emotional, for example – and give organisations the innovative business tools they need to mitigate, manage and find opportunities created by the disruption process before, during or after it’s happened.

The key to surviving (and thriving) is knowing that business disruptions will happen and how to use innovation to respond.

Disruption Leadership

We train and develop your leaders to adopt innovation and create an innovative disruption management culture that drives impactful change, pivots your organisational transformation and establishes a future-ready and highly competitive company.

Disruptive Thinking

To be sustainable requires a more innovative mindset. LLM helps organisations embed a new way of thinking and a culture of ongoing improvement through customised innovation masterclasses, training sessions and workshops.

Disruptive Design

We understand that disruption can be intimidating and challenging. Although many leaders recognise the need to change, they are unsure of where to begin.

Our experts:

Create bespoke solutions that will help you embrace innovation

Identify potential business discontinuities and opportunities

Build new business strategies and core competencies

Develop rapid-prototyping disruptive innovation and business models

Execute progressive test and reiteration methodology to speed time to market.

Disruptive Talent

We recognise that establishing a dynamic talent pool is necessary to create a sustainable business. We help you effectively identify, recruit and train existing and new talents to form robust teams equipped and agile enough to champion innovation, self-disruption and digital transformation.

Why Wait

Contact us to discover how our disruption expertise will support you throughout your innovation journey and build you a more powerful and sustainable business in this digital age.
Joel Ng - Senior Partner, Disruption Management

Meet Joel Ng.

Joel is a highly experienced design thinking and innovation practitioner. He helps companies establish a culture of readiness in innovation and problem-solving that drives impactful change, trigger organisational transformation, and strengthen its competitive edge and sustainability. He achieves this by combining design thinking with behavioural insights and Lean principles to create a single, convenient framework that applies to any ongoing organisational disruption. As an IDEO-U certified practitioner, Joel has more than 20 years’ experience in establishing innovation frameworks and strategies, driving people culture, and leading change programmes at both private and public organisations. His expertise in understanding competition or disrupters, and self-imposed disruption, positions him as a leading expert in helping organisations rethink, reinvent and reposition to grow and establish a sustainable future through innovation and design thinking. Joel is also the published author of the critically acclaimed ‘Innovation within GRASP™ – the Ultimate Cheatbook in Innovative Solutioning’. He has worked with clients such as Citibank, Singapore Airlines, Fujitsu, Singapore Ministry of Defence and many more large conglomerates. Contact Joel Ng at  [email protected] to discuss your Innovation needs.



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