Disruption Management

Our disruption management services are aimed at resolving business crises, developing a robust infrastructure and cementing a strong foundation to set your company up for success.  

Our Methodology 

Specialising in Finance and Human Resources, our disruption management experts deliver impactful solutions for crisis situation, diverse business challenges ranging from cash-flow concerns to mergers and acquisitions. Beyond diagnosing financial and organisational issues, they formulate strategic and tactical business solutions, focusing on reinvigorating organisational health and stability. 

They take on an active role in every transformation process, remaining with your organisation to see through the successful execution and implementation of the solution over a six-month to one-year period.

Our Experts

Imbued with high-level industry expertise and extensive experience, our team of seasoned professionals are well-skilled in managing crises, driving aggressive change and setting new direction for success.

Unencumbered by company politics, our crisis managers address business challenges from an independent and objective perspective, while at the same time focusing on making swift, high-impact change in the best interests of the business.

The Lim-Loges & Masters’ Advantage

Confidentiality & Integrity

With Lim-Loges & Masters, our clients are assured of the highest confidentiality and integrity with which we undertake all our projects.

Disruption Management

Our seasoned professionals are specialists in turning around companies and setting new direction for success.

Asian Experts, Local Knowledge

Lim-Loges & Masters specialise in Asia Pacific. Through our familiarity with the region, we advise on how to structure your change with a local advantage, while offering insights on cultural nuances and local laws to protect your company’s brand and legal presence.

Performance Measurement

We evaluate our performance based on the successful turnaround of your business.