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  • Transforming Companies, Transforming Careers

    At Lim-Loges & Masters, we help you drive transformational change across your organisation through 3 key services.

  • Disruption Management

    We work with clients to align digital strategy with corporate strategy, enhancing customer experience, improving decision making and increasing overall profitability in the organisation in this digital age.

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  • Executive Search

    We are an extension of your company’s resource department. With a diverse network of top management candidates gleaned from extensive search experience, we handpick the finest talents across Asia to give you the edge in securing transformational leaders.

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  • Transition Management

    We help you manage change driven by mergers, acquisitions and organisational restructuring. From designing talent competencies to coaching your leadership teams, we ensure a quality conversation for a smooth transition each time, every time.

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Our Philosophy

“The formation of Lim-Loges & Masters was first considered about seven years ago when companies hired for change. In many cases, ‘change managers’ was a common term bandied about and used interchangeably with successful growth and innovation. With so many global companies, Asia was in a hurry to contribute actively to 25-30% of each company’s revenues. The West was seeing little growth and the new frontier of Asia was exciting for many. We didn’t manifest into a company then, as Asia Pacific was busy recruiting  only for the short term. Injecting new talent into organisations was a quick solution to bring in change.

Increasingly today, companies are asking for sustainable change. Since 2012, Asia Pacific has slowed down and talent needed to be incrementally productive and creative. We see the emergence of disruptive solutions that challenge the old. Sustainable change requires each company to transform themselves to see the world through different eyes, to look at risk differently and provide opportunities in Asia that impacts the world. Asia need no longer be an extension of the West. In June 2016, Lim-Loges & Masters was formed to partner companies and individuals.

We are all about transforming companies, transforming careers.”   Lelia Lim-Loges, Managing Partner

The LLM Solution

We believe in partnering companies throughout their transformational journey. We are the first and only company in Asia that understands change and offers a total solution to drive sustainable transformation. Our solutions are designed to propel businesses, inspire brand loyalty and impact stakeholders in the long run. 

Our Track Record

Our specialists and partners hold extensive experience in their respective fields – driving sustainable transformation across organisations and industries. Testament to our efficiency and quality is a robust track record of repeat clients and placement rates.

“I was so well informed by Lim-Loges on the job requirements, interview process, the employee agreement, and even my settling into the job. The firm really took care of both sides: myself and the client, and finding the mutual point which satisfied everyone.

I was very satisfied with the way they support, provide insights, negotiate the offer and discussed the challenges and offer.”

Robert Tumiwa

Placed as Sales & Marketing Director

Amcor Indonesia