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Transitioning for the Future – Executive Coaching Through Covid

We sat down and had a chat with our Senior Partner, Sushil Jhangiani, based in Delhi, India, about executive coaching through Covid. Here’s a summary of the discussion.

Every country in the world and business is struggling with the ongoing effects of Covid. The pandemic is affecting the way we work, lead and manage our people. With the ongoing challenges of managing transition, executive coaching is even more essential in helping with the continual disruption, and transition leaders face on a daily basis.

With this in mind, much can be learned from leaders in economies like India, for example, who are digitally savvy and work in a very complex market. On the cusp of becoming the world’s largest digital economy, being the most extensive and cheapest mobile phone market globally with excellent digital infrastructure, key executives in India must manage change created from a population that has successfully adapted and adopted technology. With every leader today having to handle ongoing digital advancements and be open to all new technological ideas and concepts, unique coaching nuances are created, with India a good reference point.

Also, leaders in India are adept at managing complexity due to the size of the country and the 14 official languages spoken. Although the country may seem westernised, it isn’t. It is far more complicated than often believed, making leaders there far more culturally aware. This is a vital skill for all leaders worldwide in helping them manage change and transition more effectively both within their organisation and personally.

It’s not just an understanding of cultural and complexity issues that are important for leaders when they undergo transition; there are also aspects including establishing relationships, the impact of geographical change, and handling any personal characteristics. Coaches today need to nurture and support high potentials as they move into senior management roles or positions of influence. They need to work with them by giving them the space to talk, unburden, reflect and bounce thoughts and ideas off.

As for teams, coaching them to manage ongoing disruption and being future-ready involves incorporating the softer aspects of team building into their everyday work lives and encouraging team members to re-look at how they converse. Therefore, if they go through another crisis, they can ensure that time is consciously made to enable people to talk about how they are.

Lim-Loges & Masters can help you with your coaching needs and help drive sustainable transformation through three distinct and yet connected offerings – refreshing and expanding your senior personnel (Executive Search), digital disruption strategies (Disruption Management), and people & change management initiatives (Transition Management).



About Sushil

Sushil Jhangiani is a Senior executive coach and leadership development facilitator with over 25 years’ business experience across countries and cultures. He is currently based in Delhi. His coaching and leadership work draws from a philosophy of service leadership – deriving from the three core legs of self-awareness and understanding, role and value appreciation, and impact and legacy.

A certified executive coach with over 1000 hours of coaching experience, he has coached senior leaders and entrepreneurs across diverse sectors and areas such as manufacturing, offshore services, IT, banking, UN agencies and Non Governmental Organisations. He coaches across Asia, Europe and North America and is also an associate coach with the Centre for Creative Leadership, executing executive coaching assignments.


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