Masako Nemoto-Deacon

Senior Partner, Executive Coach and Trainer

With over two decades of experience, Masako is a seasoned executive coach specialising in inclusive leadership training targeted at CEOs and senior leaders; crafting high-performance teams, particularly after mergers and acquisitions; propelling start-up businesses forward; and women’s empowerment training. Her expertise extends to enhancing communication skills within culturally diverse teams across the retail, financial, and pharmaceutical industries, aiming to achieve outstanding results despite cultural disparities.

Furthermore, Masako provides personal life coaching, which encompasses guidance in formulating a distinct personal vision and relationship coaching. Her professional landscape spans the UK, Continental Europe, and Japan, leveraging her profound experience with multinational and global entities.

Originating from Japan, Masako relocated to the UK in 1996, where she resided for 23 years, before moving back to Japan in April 2019. She is proficient in both native Japanese and English.


*Gallup Senior Consultant as a Certified Strength Coach * Gravitas Impact – Certified Agile Growth Business Premier Coach *Certified Business Action Coach * Certified Unconscious Bias Trainer by Quolia * Japan Mental Health Association – Certificate for Basic Phycology Course *Erickson College in Canada – Course on Art and Science Coaching *Certify of Credit Award by Richmond upon Thames College for sustainable Health for Environment and Work Practice *Certified DISC trainer by Mindscreen

Article By Masako Nemoto-Deacon

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