Senior Advisor

With over three decades as a pioneering corporate energy affairs advocate and strategist, Robert brings to LLM’s clients a deep understanding of how companies can best leverage their strengths to create value. Working with company boards and C-suites across Asia and the Middle East, he develops a company’s inherent strengths to foster value creation, particularly in navigating the complexities of decarbonisation, energy transition, Scope 3 emissions, and the energy aspects of ESG initiatives.

Robert’s innovative approach includes the development of bespoke’ energy affairs frameworks’. These enable company directors and corporate executives to reach fresh and company-specific levels of understanding about their energy-use ecosystem and envision future states for strategic milestone setting. He also created a corporate energy affairs maturity model that allows companies to track their progress over time.

Although not an engineer, Robert’s pioneering contributions to the field have been recognised by his stature as a Life Member of the Association of Energy Engineers (headquartered in the USA) and a Fellow of the Hong Kong Association of Energy Engineers.  He is an alumnus of Cornell University, where he earned his BSc in Business.

Article By Robert C Allender


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