B1 - #SustainathonHack

by Grasp Guru

  • Develop a sustainable prototype or product that addresses a sustainability issue or contributes to sustainable practices.
  • Establish a conceptual framework for sustainability that promotes ESG principles.
  • Build a presentation advocating sustainability that effectively influences others and spreads awareness.
  • Gain feedback and learnings for sustainable practices that help advance progress.
  • Create sustainable connections and partnerships that lead to future collaborations for sustainability, forming a crucial long-term deliverable.

What is the #SustainableHack?

The #SustainableHack programme, designed in partnership with Grasp Guru, ignites innovation, nurtures sustainability, and drives social entrepreneurship for a greener future.

What are the objectives?

We strive for innovation and encourage sustainability and social entrepreneurship in participants. Our objectives include:

  • Fostering a collaborative environment that positions people at the core of innovation.

  • Promoting the development of ideas and technologies that uphold the values of conservation and sustainable living.

  • Transforming ideas into profitable programs that make a positive societal impact.
  • Our proven methodology for sustainable success

    We use a systematic approach to facilitate your sustainable hackathon, with a focus on:

    • Promoting a Culture of Innovation: We stimulate creativity and innovative thinking, encouraging participants to challenge their ideas and mould them into practical, sustainable solutions.
    • Unearthing Latent Talent: We provide a platform to reveal hidden talent within the organisation.
    • Boosting Collaboration: Our team-based structure and cross-departmental communication nurtures a collaborative spirit.
    • Addressing Real-World Problems: The hackathon produces ideas that could positively influence the company’s products, services, or processes.
    • Measurability:

      Grasp Guru and LLM will work with organisations to agree clear KPIs tailored to your needs and the course objectives.

    • Format:

      Our #SustainableHack programme includes a workshop and follow up consulting and coaching sessions for a minimum of 3 months to embed new learning and help provide support for active learning. You can choose between in-person or online Zoom sessions, ensuring flexibility, accessibility, and effectiveness.

    • Size:

      Our workshops accommodate up to 20 participants to ensure quality interaction. For larger groups, we recommend extra sessions.

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    Success Stories

    Singapore Airlines (SIA) faced challenges with improving their customer service standards while also needing to cut operational costs. Specific issues included a slow response time for customer queries and inefficient boarding processes that affected passenger experience and increased boarding times. Additionally, there were inefficiencies in the supply chain logistics, which escalated operational costs.


    Our approach to the hackathon to tackle SIA’s challenges was multi-faceted, integrating Design Thinking, Behavioural Science, and Lean Processing.
    The following steps were taken:
    • Empathy: Using Design Thinking, we put ourselves in the customers’ shoes to understand their pain points in the service experience.

    • Behavioural Analysis: We conducted a detailed behavioural analysis to comprehend customer behaviours impacting service and cost structures.

    • Problem Definition: After identifying the issues affecting customer service and operational efficiency, we devised solutions.

    • Brainstorming Solutions: We brainstormed automated solutions for prompt customer service and engagement, emphasising improving the customer experience.
    • Optimised Boarding Procedures: We crafted behaviorally optimised boarding procedures to enhance passenger flow and increase efficiency.

    • Prototyping: We developed wireframe prototypes of the proposed automated chatbot system and created mock-ups of the revised boarding procedures.

    • Validation: Simulations of the new systems were conducted for validation, ensuring they would effectively address the identified issues.

    • Trials and Refinements: We conducted trials of these new systems, refining and improving their efficacy based on the data collected.


    • Customer Service Improvement

      We successfully enhanced the response time of customer service by 40%, significantly improving the overall customer experience.

    • Increased Customer Satisfaction

      The improved customer service led to a meaningful increase in customer satisfaction scores by 25%.

    • Operational Cost Reduction

      We managed to trim operating costs by 15% through optimised supply chain logistics and streamlined boarding processes.

    • Leadership Praise:

      The facilitation team, led by Joel Alexander N., attracted commendation for its exceptional leadership and facilitation skills that cultivated a culture of innovation and collaboration.

    • Enhanced Standards and Efficiency:

      The successful Hackathon profoundly impacted SIA's customer service standards and operational efficiency.

    About GRASP Guru

    GRASP Guru specialises in innovation and design thinking, powered by the proprietary GRASPTM enhanced design thinking methodology. We offer customisable innovation tools and solutions for application in any industry, catering to unique operational needs. We help organisations envision the future, blending inspiration with practicality across myriad user-profiles and organisational goals. 

    About the consultant

    JOEL ALEXANDER NG, Founder and Principle Trainer of Grasp Guru and Senior Partner at LLM

    Joel is the Inventor, Master Trainer and published author of the proprietary GRASPTM methodology with over 20 years of innovation experience. He enables leaders to create a holistic and innovative problem-solving toolkit by combining design thinking, behavioural insights, and lean processing principles. He empowers individuals to solve problems, enhance situations, or invent something new using the GRASPTM methodology. His critically acclaimed book ‘Innovation within GRASPTM – the Ultimate Cheatbook in Innovative Solutioning’, supports his forward-thinking approach. Joel has led numerous national-level innovation, smart design programmes and hackathons to tackle issues impacting multinational companies.

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