B3 - #ExecPotential

by Lim-Loges & Masters (LLM)

  • Develop customised competency reports integrating sustainability and ESG factors

  • Implement performance development analyses tailored to your organisation’s specific needs

  • Gain Executive Search expertise focusing on the individual’s potential in achieving sustainability and ESG goals

  • Create individual Plans for competency gap management

  • Build clear and actionable development plans for employees, prioritising job success and sustainable ESG practices.

What is #ExecPotential?

Our comprehensive #ExecPotential People Capability assessments provide customised analyses, competency gap mitigation strategies, and clear, practical development plans to enhance the potential of your leadership team and drive sustainable organisational growth.

What are the objectives?

Leaders often grapple with understanding their organisation’s inherent capability in today’s ever-evolving global landscape. #ExecPotential helps you champion the potential that resides within your leadership team. The workshop unveils and assesses the unique capabilities required by your leaders and people, moving beyond traditional performance measures and focusing on their future potential to drive your organisation’s sustainability and ESG goals.

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Our proven methodology for sustainable success

Our three-step evaluation methodology integrates sustainability and ESG factors.

  • Step 1: We initiate the process by examining your existing competency framework, ensuring it aligns with your sustainability and ESG goals.
  • Step 2: We perform a thorough quantitative analysis using tested psychometric tools to assess job success, engagement, and retention needs, as well as the capacity to meet sustainability targets and uphold ESG principles.
  • Step 3: We conduct personal interviews as part of our qualitative assessment, comprehensively analysing each individual, including their potential contribution to sustainability and ESG objectives.
  • Measurability:

    LLM will work with organisations to agree clear KPIs tailored to your needs and the course objectives.

  • Format:

    Our #ExecPotential programme includes a workshop and follow up consulting and coaching sessions for a minimum of 3 months to embed new learning and help provide support for active learning. You can choose between in-person or online Zoom sessions, ensuring flexibility, accessibility, and effectiveness.

  • Size:

    Our workshops accommodate up to 20 participants to ensure quality interaction. For larger groups, we recommend extra sessions.

About the consultant

Lelia Lim-Loges, Founder & Managing Partner, Lim–Loges & Masters

Lelia Lim is an accomplished executive search professional specialising in C-suite searches across the Asia Pacific region. Her expertise lies in Transition Management, Executive Search, and Disruption Management, honed through her years of leadership roles in global organisations like Korn/Ferry International and Kincannon & Reed. Before her illustrious career in executive search, Lelia held multiple commercial roles in British Petroleum, culminating in her position as the Head of Human Resources & Corporate Services at Kumpulan Emas Berhad. Lelia, an MBA in Finance and a Law undergraduate from LSE, London, also holds certifications in Leadership from Lominger International and is a certified practitioner for Employment Intermediaries with EFMA. Being multilingual, she is fluent in English and Malay, and conversant in Mandarin and German

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