B2 - #ExecutionExcellence

by Ian Horner

  • Grasp the crucial role of sustainability and governance in business success.

  • Acquire practical knowledge for incorporating these principles into your organisations.

  • Learn tools for pinpointing key procedures within the business structure.

  • Understand how to set well-balanced objectives that align with your organisation’s mission.

  • Establish thorough accountability mechanisms within your teams.

What is #ExecutionExcellence?

As well as being “the right thing to do“, acting sustainably and demonstrating solid governance is now increasingly seen as an advantage by staff, customers, and suppliers. Our #ExecutionExcellence programme guides leaders and businesses toward sustainable operations while maintaining profitability. It instils participants with the understanding that sustainability and sound governance are not just socially responsible but also valuable assets that encourage loyalty among employees, customers, and suppliers.

What are the objectives?

  • Understand and implement the tenets of sustainability within your organisation.
  • Cultivate a corporate culture conducive to good governance and ethical operations.
  • Develop strategies for minimising environmental impact without compromising profitability.
  • Foster a workplace environment chosen by staff due to its commitment towards sustainability.

Our proven methodology for sustainable success

This is a workshop-style program with a strong emphasis on participant engagement, interaction, and practical application of concepts learned.
  • Optional One-day Advanced Session: This is offered to companies that wish to maintain momentum and take their operations and sustainability initiatives to a higher level.

  • Core Processes, Priorities, Balanced Goals, Metrics, and Accountability: These elements are explored in depth, including the introduction of tools like the Process Accountability Chart, the identification of crucial focus areas, and the establishment of balancing goals.
  • Preparation:

    Participants complete a pre-workshop survey to familiarise themselves with their organisation's goals and challenges.

  • Governance:

    We establish the essential elements of a robust corporate culture, the foundation for good governance.

  • Execution:

    We focus on realising the organisation's goals, as identified in the preparation survey, through effective execution.

  • Measurability:

    Progress is tracked using leading and lagging metrics. We also introduce the concept of "environmental play", which identifies the environmental impact of each goal and priority, and strategies to minimise or eliminate this impact.

  • Format:

    One full-day in-person #ExecutionExcellence workshop followed by implementation coaching sessions: three sessions online each month for three months, usually up to 90 minutes each.

  • Size:

    Our workshops accommodate up to 20 participants to ensure quality interaction. For larger groups, we recommend extra sessions.

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Success Stories

SRKK Group embarked on a transformative journey under the astute guidance of Ian Homer from LLM. Stemming from a deep pool of knowledge and experience, Ian doesn’t merely share his expertise; he imprints a caring and attentive spirit in his approach, providing solutions, and holding the leadership accountable for action.


Through a series of candid, light-hearted sessions, the team was empowered to put their business in focus. They were introduced to techniques to help overcome challenges faced by the executives, resulting in refined vision & purpose statements and sharpened hiring processes. The team began to focus more on leading indicators, making their progress visible via scoreboards, and balancing profit goals with employee happiness. A change in the company’s lexicon was also seen, with key coaching terms finding use in day-to-day the organisation’s business operations.


The impact of this dynamic journey was palpable, with the leadership team recognising the positive difference between the “before Ian” and “after Ian” seasons. However, the real testament to the success of this coaching relationship was how the team became more aware of working on the business, rather than in it. For mid-sized companies like SRKK Group, seeking the next level of growth, an external coach, mentor, and friend like Ian Homer is invaluable. Undeniably, the road to progress is not meant to be walked alone.

About the consultant

Ian Homer, Senior Partner

Originally from the UK, Ian has lived and worked in Southeast Asia for nineteen years, coaching and mentoring executives and entrepreneurs. Specialised in improving strategy, revenue, team retention, and execution, Ian simplifies complex concepts into actionable steps. His unique background, combining a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, a Masters in computing, and substantial corporate experience, gives him a distinct advantage in improving business performance. He’s well-versed in I.T. support, project management and has run his own I.T. security business. Ian’s areas of expertise span marketing, sales, time management, and team-building, making him a versatile asset for a broad range of industries.

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